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Method and examples
Solving systems of linear equations using
Gauss-Jordan Elimination method
Enter Equations line by line OR ',' seperated
  1. `2x+y+z=5,3x+5y+2z=15,2x+y+4z=8`
  2. `2x+5y=16,3x+y=11`
  3. `2x+5y=21,x+2y=8`
  4. `2x+y=8,x+2y=1`
  5. `2x+3y-z=5,3x+2y+z=10,x-5y+3z=0`
  6. `x+y+z=3,2x-y-z=3,x-y+z=9`
  7. `x+y+z=7,x+2y+2z=13,x+3y+z=13`
  8. `2x-y+3z=1,-3x+4y-5z=0,x+3y-6z=0`

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