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Find Slope XIntercept YIntercept of (3,-5),(-7,9)

Your problem `->` Slope XIntercept YIntercept of (3,-5),(-7,9)

Here `A(3,-5), B(-7,9)` are the given points

`:. x_1=3, y_1=-5, x_2=-7, y_2=9`

The equation of a line AB is

`:. (y+5)/(9+5)=(x-3)/(-7-3)`

`:. (y+5)/(14)=(x-3)/(-10)`

`:. (y+5)/(7)=(x-3)/(-5)`

`:. -5(y+5)=7(x-3)`

`:. -5y -25=7x -21`

`:. 7x+5y+4=0`

The given equation sholud be written in the form `y=mx+c`


`:. 5y=-7x-4`

`:. y=-7/5x-4/5`

Comparing this equation with `y=mx+c`, we get

slope `m=-7/5` and intercept on Y-axis `c=-4/5`

Now, to find the intercept on X-axis put y=0 in the given equation.
The value of x will give the intercept of the line on X-axis
`:. 7x+5y=-4`

`:. 7x+5(0)=-4`

`:. 7x=-4`

`:. x=-4/7`

`:.` intercept on X-axis`=-4/7`

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