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Problem: gray code to binary 11101 [ Calculator, Method and examples ]

Your problem `->` gray code to binary 11101

Gray code : `11101`


`b_3=b_4 o+ g_3=1 o+ 1=0`

`b_2=b_3 o+ g_2=0 o+ 1=1`

`b_1=b_2 o+ g_1=1 o+ 0=1`

`b_0=b_1 o+ g_0=1 o+ 1=0`

`:.` Binary : `10110`

Gray code
`=b_4 o+ g_3`
`=b_3 o+ g_2`
`=b_2 o+ g_1`
`=b_1 o+ g_0`
Binary code

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