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Other input terms : A union B, A intersect B, A', P(A), A - B, A delta B, A cross B, |A|, 1 belongsto A, A subset B, (A union B)' = A' intersect B'
Mode :
Find A={x<=5, x in N}, find P(A)

Your problem `->` A={x<=5, x in N}, find P(A)

`A={x<=5, x in n}`

`P(A) = {phi,{1},{2},{3},{4},{5},{1,2},{1,3},{1,4},{1,5},{2,3},{2,4},{2,5},{3,4},{3,5},{4,5},{1,2,3},{1,2,4},{1,2,5},{1,3,4},{1,3,5},{1,4,5},{2,3,4},{2,3,5},{2,4,5},{3,4,5},{1,2,3,4},{1,2,3,5},{1,2,4,5},{1,3,4,5},{2,3,4,5},{1,2,3,4,5}}`



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