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Program Purpose Provide step by step solutions of your problems using online calculators (online solvers)
Problem Source Your textbook, etc

1.1 Matrix operations
1. Addition/Subtraction of two matrix
2. Multiplication of two matrix
3. Power of a matrix
4. Transpose of a matrix
5. Determinant of a matrix
6. Adjoint of a matrix
7. Inverse of a matrix
8. Prove that any two matrix expression is equal or not
9. Minor of a matrix
10. Cofactor of a matrix
11. Trace of a matrix
1.2 Matrix operations
1. Reduce matrix to Row Echelon Form
2. Rank of matrix
3. Characteristic polynomial
4. Eigenvalues
5. Eigenvectors
6. Triangular Matrix
7. LU Decomposition
8. Diagonal Matrix
9. Cholesky Decomposition
10. QR Decomposition (Gram Schmidt Method)
11. QR Decomposition (Householder Method)
12. LQ Decomposition
13. Pivots of a Matrix
14. Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) of a Matrix
15. Moore-Penrose Pseudoinverse of a Matrix
16. Power Method for dominant eigenvalue
1.3 Matrix Structure
0. Auto Detect the matrix type
1. is Row Matrix
2. is Column Matrix
3. is Square Matrix
4. is Horizontal Matrix
5. is Vertical Matrix
6. is Diagonal Matrix
7. is Identity Matrix
8. is Scalar Matrix
9. is Null Matrix
10. is Lower Triangle Matrix
11. is Upper Triangle Matrix
12. is Orothogonal Matrix
13. is Singular Matrix
14. is Nonsingular Matrix
15. is Symmetric Matrix
16. is Skew Symmetric Matrix
17. is Nilpotent Matrix
18. is Involutary Matrix
19. is Idempotent Matrix
20. is Periodic Matrix
21. is Positive Definite Matrix
2. Find inverse of a matrix using
1. Adjoint method
2. Gauss-Jordan Elimination method
3. Cayley Hamilton method method
3. Solve linear equation of any number of variables using
1. Inverse Matrix method
2. Cramer's Rule method
3. Gauss-Jordan Elimination method
4. Gauss Elimination Back Substitution method
5. Gauss Seidel method
6. Gauss Jacobi method
7. Elimination method
8. LU decomposition method / Crout's method
9. Cholesky decomposition method
4. Vector Algebra
1. Addition/Subtraction of two vectors
2. Scalar Multiplication of vectors
3. Dot Product of two vectors
4. Cross Product of two vectors
5. Magnitude(length) of a vector
6. Unit vector
7. Direction cosines of a vector
8. Component form of a vector given two points
9. Angle between two vectors
10. Vector projections of B onto A
11. Orthogonal vectors
12. Collinear vectors
13. Coplanar vectors
14. Scalar triple product
15. Area of triangle determined by two vectors
16. Area of parallelogram determined by two vectors
17. Volume of pyramid determined by vectors
18. Volume of Parallelepiped determined by vectors
19. Decomposition of vector in basis
20. Linearly dependent and linearly independent vectors

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