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Method and examples
Polar Graph
R =
Scaling Value
  1. XMin`=-20`, XMax`=20`, YMin`=-20`, YMax`=20`
  2. XMin`=-15`, XMax`=15`, YMin`=-15`, YMax`=15`
  3. XMin`=-10`, XMax`=10`, YMin`=-10`, YMax`=10`
  4. XMin`=-8`, XMax`=8`, YMin`=-8`, YMax`=8`
  5. XMin`=-6`, XMax`=6`, YMin`=-6`, YMax`=6`
  6. XMin`=-5`, XMax`=5`, YMin`=-5`, YMax`=5`
Ymin Ymax
Gridlines X: Gridlines Y:
  1. 4*cos(2*t)
  2. 2+4*cos(t)
  3. 2-4*cos(t)
  4. 2+2*sin(t)
  5. 2-2*sin(t)
  6. 4*sin(2*t)

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